My special thanks:

••• To my family, for supporting me (litterally said) throughout the design.

••• To my wife Genevieve for providing the idea of color shading, and helping me double check spelling and syntax errors.

••• To Jean-Charles Fouché, Benoît Widemann, David Felgeirolles, Jean-Louis & Benoît Tersiguel for helping me developing the site.

••• To my wife Genevieve, Douglas Kirkland, Sue Palmer, Alison & Paul Jarvis, Julian Mendelsohn and Jeromine Filoni for feeding the photo gallery.

|| FAMILY ||

As they say on the Awards: "I wanna thank my mom, my dad, ..."

••• Yes, we are never too thankful. For even the smartest self-taught genius is close to nothing unless he or she realises he or she was never alone in his or her efforts.

••• Yes, I should be thankful to all I've met, and mostly all I haven't met, for even the worst experiences were enriching. But, to the risk of appearing unfair to those I'm bound to forget here, I feel I should dedicate this page to those who had a particular impact in my life.

••• And, for tradition's sake as well as genuine feeling, I should start thanking God, my parents, close family and friends. They all knew even before I knew, and made my very fabric.

••• And I should never forget all the teachers I had, including those who are teaching me drama play today. Knowledge and experience, nothing can beat those foundations.

••• And I should never forget those who believed in me and gave me a chance, from Yvan Lumbroso (BBZ) who thought I could go in the studio to do something on my own, to Léo Missir (Barclay Records) who believed I could sing, to Chris Blackwell (Island Records) who believed I could be an international megastar and movie composer, to Level 42 who believed I could produce, to Jean-Paul Goude (Bicentennial) who believed I could direct an over 6000 piece orchestra, to those whom I'm starting anew with, like my drama teachers who believe I can act, like Emmanuel Prévost (Avalanche) who believe I can do something in the movies other than scoring them.

••• And finally I should never forget all those of you who believe I did - and still can do - something special that mattered, at least once in their life. Your support will always be my main resource.

••• My very special thanks to you all.

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