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••• Hence the questions I've been asking myself:

• What mysterious rationale makes the internet, by rejecting anything close to a regulation, justified in abolishing that logic ?

• What authority makes some to place on death row those creators who happen not to adapt to the so-called 'new' economy, which they claim is inherent to the digital revolution, without ever demonstrating it other than simply bowing before the almighty "fait accompli" ?

• What authority enables some to decide that there shall be no salvation outside the realm of live performance, as noble an activity as it can be, without ever representing the whole of an art, without ever compensating for the loss thousands of creators have suffered so far, without ever benefiting to any but the only few who could, by their established fame, engage in worldwide tours of gigantic scale ?

• Who said that there shall be no salvation unless full and integral downloading or streaming of work in progress is granted free of charge, with nothing but the buzz this might eventually trigger among fans, based on 'smart' and ubiquitous hype permanently nurtured over the myspace, facebook, twitter and the likes, sort of a narcissic "me, my photos, my videos, my music and I" cyber-hyper-activity ?

• What culture are we to promote in a system that places the artist in permanent spotlight, to discuss his or her every move on every network, to deliver the 'goods' at a pace dictated by the hype and the frenzy, to deprive him-or-herself from due time to put his or her work to rest, to think things over and reconsider his or her decisions ? Would only the 'real-time artists' be elligible for survival ?

• What kind of cynicism makes some seek through this quagmire the perfect opportunity to be questioning the duration of rights, if not their very existence ?

• How can anyone finally conclude that creators are nothing less than rich and simple annuitants, whose 'lazyness' just got to be put to an end ?

• How can any of these self-entitled art and freedom fighters celebrate the jungle law, the domination of the talented by the 'smart' ?

••• With all the lies purposedly spread upon it, the digital confusion we find ourselves immersed in does not help asking ourselves those simple questions, before we can ever start answering them. It is time, high time we wake up.

••• In an attempt to focus on some of the issues that seemed to enjoy consensus, I ended up realising that, how much the 'record industry crisis' actually owes to the free internet downloading still remains unevaluated. Many other facts can be blamed for the crisis, and I don't intend to list and evaluate them neither. I'll just concentrate on the undeniable fact that, out of that deliberate chaos, out of the wars and incredible waste of time, talent and ernergy it generated, out of the ashes of many a creator's dreams, out of the duly orchestrated cacophony, some with a big name in cypber-industry made gigantic profits, still make gigantic profits today, and are bound to make greater profits tomorrow, silently but surely, with the world's appraisal, still seemingly abiding to the law. The ISPs, the Apples, the Googles, today sexiest icons of unconventional modernism. And yet, you will hardly find ultra-broadband internet users, or 160 Giga iPod owners, planning to use them or fill them up with 'legally acquired' music and video exclusively ...

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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