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••• I am no Victor Hugo, I am no Emile Zola, and I'll never pretend I could ever match their genius. But I can only get inspired by Zola's "J'accuse" to present, with maximum clarity, the revolution of the minds that all those thoughts have led me to call for. May I ever be excused for 'stealing' from the litterature legend he was and, moreover, from the political figure whom that historic act propelled, for having so brilliantly defended Justice, to the supreme status of one of our most revered pillars in western civilization.


••• I call upon all of you, politics, economists, jurists, media, artists and your representatives, all internet users, to stop all those wars we've been waging in vain and that lead us to nowhere; to finally look at the ruins and ashes some of us - ISPs, multimedia player makers, unavoidable 'free' search engines, 'free' multimedia servers, 'free' social networks, 'free' etc - have built formidable empires upon, without fear nor substantial sharing. I call upon all of us to unite our forces and our talents for a project that leads us to a positive future rather than close on the attempted repression of those of us, music lovers by the millions around the globe, who unknowingly made themselves the best allies of the new masters of the world, even less culture minded than the major labels they legitimally criticized for their greed and their arrogance.

••• I call upon you all to realise that, what the media used the call a war between the artists and the internet users was in fact a wargame waged between the major labels and the new masters of the world, using the artists and the internet community as swords and shields, making them the ultimate victims. The game must stop, or the war, real war, might prevail, with no winner at the end.

••• I call upon us all to proceed to a revolution within, a revolution of the minds, that might make us look at the fact that, what could legitimally be perceived and condemned as a theft, could only be so because the beneficiary did not get fair income from the use of his or her creation; if ever there can be a way to compensate, compensation there must be, even though the final 'user' might not be the direct 'payer', as it is often the case in the 'real' world, upon cultural and non-cultural goods.

••• I call upon you all to cease wasting time and energy attempting to 'combat' so-called 'illegal' downloading: it is an endless race which can only fail in the long term, technologically and judicially, without ever solving the main issue: the fair revenue that any exploitation of digitized art should (and still can) generate.

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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