••• I am fully aware that most of those thougths and suggestions might have been already put forward, debated, discussed, adopted, abandoned, re-adopted here and there, by such and such. What makes them different though is, they simultaneously voice out:

• My clear condemnation of all repressive politics of all kinds against the internet-user, just as this of all demonization of artists and their representatives.

• My clear condemnation of those fratricide antogonisms, waged in blatant simplism. Those wars make no winner, only losers. Culture is the only ultimate victim.

• My dearest wish that, ISPs and other contributors included, everybody can understand the need for a global basic system that might carry and promote diversity, rather than surrender to the "fait accompli" of diverse local and national systems that contradict and anihilate each other.

••• The 'highly pirated artist' that I've been knows too well what spoliation means; yet I'll never blame it on the fans, whether they acted legally or illegally, unless they make money out of it. I'll rather blame it on the system, when it fails to properly channelize what is due to me, by letting the fans choose between legal and illegal acquisition, most purposedly.

••• What matters to me is the coherence of a vision and a project, that does not work within the boundaries of just one country or one continent, even though we might probably start somewhere on the globe, and hope it can win everywhere, over chaos and lawlessness, just as the internet managed to win over geographical frontiers.

••• I am fully aware of how late I am in expressing those views, in regard to the juridical cacophony which prevails today, possibly making those views obsolete before they can ever be read. But 'fait accompli' never legitimated an offence. Designating the responsible entities does not simply amount to condemning them: it might foster an awareness, the start of a revolution. It is not too late.

••• The task before us is grand, of utopian magnitude most probably. Which makes it the more urgent and inevitable. Let's wake up.

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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