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Free havens

••• I call upon you all to make the ISPs do much better than act as auxilliary police, wasting their resources in endless anti-piracy chase. This new legislation must, in the contrary, require them to create a 'free uploading, downloading, hosting and streaming' haven within, allowing all digital activity present and future to be freely and legally engaged in, upon all works of the mind, past, present and future, regardless of the genre, freely and legally posted as expressly agreed by the beneficiaries, in return of the said substantial royalty, by way of adjusting their subscription rates accordingly. The benefits would be multifold:

• We would get precise and unobtrusive counting of user-end activity upon the works, in lieu of vague polling.

• We would get effective peer-to-peer marginalization rather than criminilization, so that it can eventually get reduced to what it was precisely designed for: a godsend tool for professionals and specialists to freely exchange data, whatever the domain.

• We would re-channel all existing digital 'legal offer' systems in transparent and accountable structures.

••• I call upon all beneficiaries, artists, producers and publishers, to fully understand that this won't work unless they upload or allow anybody to upload the whole of their catalog to those ISP 'free havens'. I call upon all those digital 'legal offer' entrepreneurs, who really seek to defend the arts, to work within the frames of the ISP 'free havens', by offering them their licensed catalogs and their know-how, in exchange of a negotiated slice of the ISPs profits. This would make them 'real contributors to the arts', an award equal to the green label most entrepreneurs are running after in our eco-conscious times.


••• I call upon all of you, national and supranational institutions included, to stop advocating for competition between established collecting societies but, in the contrary, to seek for transparency and harmony between them, so they can work within the frames of that global legislation and beat the confusion that the exploding number of offers, channels, formats and standards the digital revolution is just starting to foster, condemning countless talented creators and creations to oblivion for not having been smart in their trying to adapt. I call upon us all to put and end to the plethora of uni/bi/tri-lateral deals and package deals between phone companies and major labels, collecting societies and streaming web-radios and the likes, which leave the creators with virtually nothing on the base that "little is better than nothing"; to put an end to the deregulation dogma, that wants us to seek digital freedom through digital chaos, which neither the artist, nor the end-user, nor even a single person will benefit from, in the long run.


••• I call upon us all to make this legislation a universal rule to be applied to each and any digitized form of art, from photography to cinema, from software to litterature, even though at start, their slice of generated revenue would be of symbolic importance, compared to this of the recorded music: they haven't gone through the catastrophy the music industry has suffered yet. The new legislation should provide for periodic re-evaluation of sharing ratios between domains of creation present and future. It is mandatory that they all benefit from the system nevertheless, one way or another, from the start of its implementation, for the following reasons:

• We will need each and everyone' support in this effort, if it is to ever succeed. No 'digitizable art' creator should be left aside.

• By having everybody in, we add to the universality of our quest: we are talking about digitizable art, whatever and wherever it was, it is today, and is bound to be in forseable future.

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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