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••• "Tea or coffee ?
Sleepless nights, lazy eyes in the morning.
A "take-it-easy" motto to get you through the day, regardless."

• Like most of the time, it all started with a rhythm: the very first I came up with on my newly acquired Linn-9000... Back then, I only had a bass line and the main rhythm keys. Like good wine, the tune carried on writing and polishing itself up till the date of release.

|| AT LONG LAST ! ||

••• Prior to the now-planned "Echoes" and "Words Of A Mountain" re-issue, my long overdue trilogy is unveiling itself, in an un-conventional manner: online, and one single or EP at a time. Three distinct albums will gradually reveal themselves this way. They will be available in their physical format and proper running order only after all their relevant singles have been released.

••• At very long last, you are to receive the music that never stopped haunting me all these years. The whole of this "Unnamed Trilogy" will be available as a physical collector set, once the three albums are fully revealed.

••• The reason behind such unconventional release is multifold:

• I want each piece to be given proper attention. With conventional album releases, only 2 or 3 so-called 'singles' get focused on, most of the time; I have always felt for those many pieces that the industry deemed simple 'album tracks': there is never such thing for a genuine artist.

• By releasing the pieces in 3 distinct genres alternately, I hope I can depict best 3 worlds that still shape my life in music: classical, tropical and urban. The resulting trilogy - that "The Dachstein Angels", "Hi-Life" and "Chief Inspector" respectively pioneered for exemple - will not be immune from cross-influences. Yet, I am longing to offer 3 views on a common subject, 3 different sets of experiences, fully identifiable in their style and their fabric.

• I want to make this long series of events a real opportunity to explain the unexplainable: there could hardly be a better way to get a sense of what makes me create the way I create. The albums final running order will make sense out of the apparent chaos, setting them apart from the regular 'compilation' albums, turning each one into a real trip from start to finish.

••• I now sell my music direct from this site, long before it reaches your usual online retailer: you may preview and buy it right here via the 'JukeSticker', a revolutionary PayPal-based transaction tool, easy to use Plus, that I invite you to pioneer with me.

• Reminder: get all pieces as they come. Plans are to reward those who would have displayed their support all the way through this venture via JukeSticker, with bonuses, personal dedications, and special pricing on the physical versions, up to free copies ... Thank you for your patience, and welcome to the conversation !

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Wed, Mar 26, 2014

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