• "A call for tireless resilience."

• As paradoxical as it may seem, sometimes amidst the troubles and the tragedies, the suffering and the tears, one feels the erratic, irresistible and urgent need to scream, to dance, to rejoice. Go figure.

• Could it be how we manage to keep our sanity when we only see hopelessness around us ? Or a desperate attempt to change things by throwing a glass worth of positiveness in an ocean of negativeness ? Or finally, a vigorous statement just like this of the lone surfer, building his strength never against but always upon the odds, shouting his heart out: "I shall never surrender ! I shall prevail !".

• I had the music in my head for decades, only waiting to materialize one day when I had time. Ride is a tribute to the cymbals ("Ride" in jazz talk), and to the dynamics of a joyful trip all at the same time. Meant to be fully instrumental at first, the vocal melody and elementary lyrics came during production, and sound as if always belonging to the piece. That's the magic of creation. Genevieve my wife had a chance to listen to it before passing away, and never stopped urging me to release it.

• Mixed by David Felgeirolles.

• The video was entirely home-made, using Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max & Final Cut Pro, as well as a couple apps such as DigitalMasterPieces' ClipT2Comic for cartonnizing right within the iPhone, and aPowerSoft's aPowerMirror for video-assist on iPad. Click below to get direct access to the song (available on all major digital stores and streaming services):





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Wed, Sep 15, 2021

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