••• "Chief Inspector" was written with an imaginary thriller TV series in mind. "The Daiquiri Diaries" further explore this cherished universe of mine, set this time by a pool at sunset, with the evening dew impregnating everything around, cards, silences and secrets. The daiquiri has been served, everyone seemingly cooling out, yet electricity is in the air ...

• The Synclavier provided the pulsating signal around which I shaped melodies and grooves, in this sequence of enigmatic quietness.

• Downloadable via this user-friendly JukeSticker above (PayPal) Plus, in both iPod-compatible Lossless and AAC formats.

• Price: € 1.20 (or equivalent), bonus ringtones included.

• Also available on iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers, AAC format only.

• Reminder: get all pieces as they come. Plans are to reward those who would have displayed their support all the way through this venture via JukeSticker, with bonuses, personal dedications, and special pricing on the physical versions, up to free copies ...

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Sun, Feb 8, 2015

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