|| HIGHER STILL ... ||

• "So dense, and so light
So large and frail, all at the same time.
If it wasn't for the darkness of the spirits around,
Chances are it could fly
And fly so far away, so high it coud reach the skies
And make it higher, and higher still ..."

• An imaginary giant jellyfish is about to take-off from somewhere deep undersea. It makes one attempt, then lands, then starts over, as if to reach the surface this time, and maybe to go beyond in all majesty. This third release in the trilogy preludes the neo-contemporary vein in it, as a follow up to "Words of A Mountain".

• Downloadable via this user-friendly JukeSticker above (PayPal) Plus, in both iPod-compatible Lossless and AAC formats.

• Price: € 1.90 (or equivalent) for the trilogy version (UT), the demo version (COS) and, as a bonus, an "AC3" version you can burn* to a dvd-r (or dvd-rw rather), to have a taste of the upcoming dolby digital 5.1 surround dvd, piece by piece. A free speaker-tester ac3 file is also included to help you calibrate your home cinema setup if needed. (* Mac Toast users: Option-Drag the file over Toast to prevent it from re-compressing the files, and burn in "Audio: Music-DVD" mode).

• Also available on iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers, AAC format only.

• Reminder: get all pieces as they come. Plans are to reward those who would have displayed their support all the way through this venture via JukeSticker, with bonuses, personal dedications, and special pricing on the physical versions, up to free copies ...

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Sat, Apr 5, 2014

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