• A 15 minute imaginary conversation between a fisherman and the surrounding elements; a slow-pace marathon in afrobeat-jazz territory. What started as a tutorial test on a newly acquired synth, landed in this Fela Kuti meets Booker-T meets Herbie Hancock type of marathon; this clearly is 'vintage', entirely auto-produced as usual, with my trusty analog synths and drum-machines of the times past. The first release in the trilogy.

• Downloadable via this user-friendly JukeSticker above (PayPal) Plus, in both iPod-compatible Lossless and AAC formats.

• Price: € 2.90 (or equivalent) for the integral piece, Prelude included. This is the only place where you can buy all uninterrupted 15 mn of "Fisherman".

• Also available (in 3 separate parts) on iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers, AAC format only.

• Reminder: get all pieces as they come. Plans are to reward those who would have displayed their support all the way through this venture via JukeSticker, with bonuses, personal dedications, and special pricing on the physical versions, up to free copies ...

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Sat, Apr 5, 2014

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