• "Tea or coffee ?
Sleepless nights, lazy eyes in the morning.
A "take-it-easy" motto to get you through the day, regardless."

• Like most of the time, it all started with a rhythm: the very first I came up with on my newly acquired Linn-9000... Back then, I only had a bass line and the main rhythm keys. Like good wine, the tune carried on writing and polishing itself up till the date of release.

• The original version is downloadable via this user-friendly JukeSticker above (PayPal) Plus, in both iPod-compatible Lossless and AAC formats, for € 1.90 (or equivalent). Also available on iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers, AAC format only.

• ** NEW ** Here is my talented friend DavidºF (The Future Paradise) mix, slightly beefed up compared with my deliberate intimate version, available on iTunes et all, but not on JukeSticker:

• Remember: get all pieces as they come. Plans are to reward those who would have displayed their support all the way through this venture via JukeSticker, with bonuses, personal dedications, and special pricing on the physical versions, up to free copies ...

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Tue, Jul 15, 2014

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